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Baseball Academy

We focus on building the five qualities of baseball: Speed, Power, hitting for average, arm strength, and fielding. Our training system utilizes exercises that teach athletes how to run faster, throw harder, hit for power, and recover. Our athletes will learn how to be more efficient rotational athletes.

Mobility & Flexibility

Our warm-ups are designed to target the movement needs of baseball players. Each session our athletes go through a wide variety of mobility and flexibility drills to teach the athletes how to properly warm up and cool down on and off the field.

Speed and Agility

Speed is incredibly important in baseball.  We dedicate a lot of time to improving our athletes running technique, acceleration, and top end speed mechanics.  We routinely test our athletes speed utilizing our laser timers.

Rotational Power

We use medicine ball slam and throw variations that directly carry over to throwing and hitting to help develop our athletes rotational power output. We track every throw with radar guns to ensure that they are progressing and getting as powerful as possible.

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning programs are designed to provide our athletes with the necessary strength, mobility, and stability in the movement patterns they need for their sport. We use a training software, TrainHeroic, that allows our athletes to complete their workouts, track their progress and communicate with their coaches both in-preson and remotely.

Female Athlete Academy

Our female athlete academy is designed for females 11-18yr old of all sports. We train speed, jump power, strength training, conditioning, and mobility. We provide a college level strength and conditioning experience for 757 athletes.